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Photo by Carlos Castillo

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Photo by Silver and Salt Studio

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Photo by Kat Hempel

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Photo by Kat Hempel

Photo by Kat Hempel

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Photo by Kelly Guenther

Site Policies

These are the policies of It’s About Time Events LLC (dba 14 Stories) and the 14 Stories blog, Weddings Redefined. 


The 14 Stories Weddings Redefined blog is published and written by Bernadette Smith, the President of 14 Stories.  All opinions written by her are her own.

14 Stories will occasionally publish content from guest bloggers and featured experts.  The opinions expressed in these particular posts belong to their respective authors and 14 Stories cannot be held liable for them.

The information presented on 14 Stories is for educational and informational purposes only and should not be considered legal or contracted advice.

14 Stories is committed to providing accurate information and as such all material on the Weddings Redefined blog is fact-checked prior to publication. Because the nature of the topics covered on 14 Stories is evolutionary (e.g.: wedding trends, sales, vendors, etc are always changing and evolving), the accuracy of archived and previous content cannot be guaranteed.

14 Stories will often link to third-party sites in our posts. While we do our best to ensure we are promoting and linking to ethical companies and accurate content, 14 Stories is not responsible for the content or opinions expressed on those sites.

14 Stories reserves the right to modify or delete content at any time without prior notification.

14 Stories reserves the right to refuse service to anyone at any time.


All written content on 14 Stories - both the blog and the website - is copyrighted to 14 Stories.

All photos on 14 Stories - both the blog and the website - are copyrighted to their respective photographers.  Every photo used will have a photo credit and active link attributed to it. Please visit the individual sites of each photographer to learn more about their company.

Content Reproduction

Content from 14 Stories may be reproduced or re-posted in part (limited to a summary or a quote not to exceed a paragraph in length and a limit of one photo from the post), provided proper credit and an active link are attributed to our site and the photographer (if applicable). Written permission is not necessary for partial reproduction provided the above stipulations are adhered to.

Blog posts may NOT be reproduced, re-posted, or copied in their entirety.


All posts on 14 Stories are editorial and are never paid placements or "pay for play". If we mention a book or service in our post, we will provide an affiliate link, if available. 

If you have an idea, product or service you think we would love and that fits the scope of 14 Stories, you are welcome to send us an email at info (at) 14Stories.com or a sample telling us about it, however this does not guarantee that we will write about it and samples or products will not be returned.

If we write about a service provided by a 14 Stories client, that relationship will be disclosed in the body of the post or in a disclaimer at the bottom of the post.


At this time, 14 Stories does not offer paid editorial coverage or banner ads delivered by third-party sites.


Comments belong to their individual authors and the views expressed are not necessarily the views of 14 Stories or its associates. 

Comments are held in moderation and individually approved. Comments that disagree with an opinion are generally approved for public viewing - we do encourage open conversation and different points of view and realize that not everyone will agree with us 100% of the time.

Comments that are personal attacks or flames will not be tolerated and are deleted.  Please refrain from using obscenities or posting inappropriate material.

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