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Gay Wedding Tradition: Pre-Ceremony Champagne 

More often than not, and enough to call it a gay wedding tradition, guests to gay weddings are greeted with passed sparkling wine and water before the wedding ceremony.  Sometimes it's a cocktail and sometimes it's a full open bar but it's usually just some bubbly.


(we even poured before this beach ceremony)

Why?  It sometimes happens with straight couples.  Why is this so common with gay weddings?

The main reason is that gay weddings are different.  Most attendees to gay weddings are straight and have never been to one before.  They don't know what to expect and may be a little on edge.

The passed sparkling water and wine lets your guests know that this wedding will be different.  That it will be fun.  And that yes, let's take the edge off a little bit.

We did it at our wedding and it was a big success (even when the photographer accidentally kicked over a poorly placed glass during the ceremony).  Mazel tov!

Keep in mind that if you are offering more than some bubbly, you may have a hard time herding your guests to then sit and focus on your marriage ceremony!

Have you been to a wedding where this has been offered before?  Wasn't it fun?

Bernadette Smith