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Gay Wedding Tradition: Foundation Covenants/Sign-in Boards 

I love ketubahs, Foundation Covenants and other sacred wedding texts.  I think they are elegant and can reflect the personality of the couple.  

Traditionally, the ketubah is signed by the couple, their rabbi/officiant and a few witnesses before the wedding.  The Foundation Covenant and Quaker Marriage Certificate are signed by the couple and their officiant during the ceremony, and by their guests witnessing the covenant, after the ceremony.  I love that this can substitute as a guest book.

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We had a Foundation Covenant at our wedding, and it was produced by Daniel at Modern Ketubah.  His work is absolutely stunning, truly best seen in person.  Ours completely exceeded our expectations. Unlike a guest book, which typically is left with many empty pages, the Foundation Covenant will grace the walls of our condo, reminding us of the love and support of our friends and family.  Wrote one of my cousins, "You are pioneers and adored by all.  Thanks for the wonderful day and the sunshine.  Love you."

That's a nice reminder - thanks, Barb!  

Are you having a sacred text at your wedding? I'd love to see photos!

Bernadette Smith