Why Hire a Wedding Planner

Top 14 Signs You Need a Wedding Planner

14. You live across the country but are looking to get married in a place where it's legal and bring a bunch of loved ones with you, and have no idea who to hire or trust to be gay-friendly in that area.
13. You're very intelligent but don't have a good sense of how to create a cohesive vision (everything from what to wear to what kind of flower arrangement to have for the ceremony).  You might not know how to pull together the right colors, fabrics, lights, and sounds to create a wedding that tells your story.
12. You're both busy professionals, possibly with one or more kids, a lot of friends, family and hobbies and just don't have the time.
11. You don't want a huge binder of wedding paperwork and like the idea of having everything online and always accessible.
10. You have been engaged for months, still don't have a date, and are too overwhelmed to sort through the 770,000 wedding venues that showed up in Google.
9. You need someone to manage your budget and make sure you stick to it.
8. You want to be sure that the vendors you hire are gay-friendly, reliable, trustworthy, dependable and do beautiful work.
7. You have a vision for your wedding, but don't know how to turn your ideas into reality (and you might need help convincing your fiancé that your ideas aren't that crazy).
6. You want to avoid the mistakes you've seen at other people's weddings - poor flow, not enough people dancing, the wedding ending early, bad food, cheesy DJ and more.
5. You want to save money! You love the idea of a planner who can help you receive discounts from vendors and give you tips on how to save money.
4. You don't want to be asked when you walk into a bridal, cake or floral studio, "So which one of you is the bride?" or "Where is the bride?"  
3. The etiquette questions are driving you mad - who to invite, what wording, how to deal with family issues, whether to invite kids and more.
2. You don't want to worry on your big day. The last thing you want on your wedding day is to worry about the schedule, flow, where to put the guestbook, if the DJ will be late, flowers and cake.
1. And finally, you want to ENJOY your engagement! You want to spend the months prior to your wedding spending quality time with your fiancé, planning your honeymoon, picking out china and otherwise daydreaming about blissful married life!