Tim and Mark's Wedding at the Library

Tim and Mark live in California and when they decided to get married, same-sex marriage was not legal (again) in their home state.  It was important to these grooms to bring their guests and their story to a place where their relationship was equal so they chose to marry in Massachusetts, at the Boston Public Library, the perfect place to tell their story.

With the library in mind, together we developed a design theme that revolved around stories and books.  You'll see some of those details in the images below - even the table names were named after book genres (romance, mystery, etc).  We also worked with an illustration of a wolf and a fox, adorably drawn to represent each groom.  You'll see lots of that artwork in the details below, even in the wedding favors (the journals).

The wedding brought together the grooms' nearest and dearest who gathered in Boston to pay tribute to two amazing gentlemen.  After the wedding, Tim wrote: "I know it felt to Mark and I like we floated through the evening, and we know that your hard work made that possible. So thank you for all that work, and for your patience with us as we navigated the process. It went better than we could have dreamed, and a lot of people have a weekend of wonderful memories to show--most of all myself and Mark." 

Enjoy the beautiful photos by Kat Hempel.