Frequently Asked Questions

What's the origin of the 14 in 14 Stories?

14 is a powerful number in civil rights history. It was the number of individual plaintiffs in the case that first brought marriage equality to Massachusetts. 14 is the U.S. Constitutional Amendment that was used to dismantle segregation and end the ban on interracial marriage. We think this number is a great reminder of the importance of civil rights for all citizens.

Do you plan straight weddings?

Sure, we've worked with and continue to work with awesome straight couples who want a really cool planner who thinks outside the box, doesn't judge them and keeps things low-stress. Our straight couples know of our specialty, of course, and love us for who we are, just like we love them for who they are.

What makes an LGBTQ wedding planner different? Why do I need an LGBTQ wedding planner?

Because we can relate. We can tell you stories of the hundreds of LGBT weddings we've planned. We can effortlessly answer questions like "Who walks down the aisle first?" and "What churches will allow me to marry?" We will also provide you with resources of other LGBT-owned businesses like financial planners, estate planning attorneys and others who, like us, really want to help you protect your family.

Where do you work? Is there a 14 Stories near me? 

We plan same-sex weddings everywhere there is marriage equality but we currently have teams working in New York, Boston (serving New England) and Chicago.

How do I open my own LGBT wedding planning business?

A limited number of licenses are available for 14 Stories offices in other cities. Please contact us to learn more. 

Do you plan other things besides weddings?

Sure, of course - let's discuss what you have in mind!

How do the logistics work when you have a client who lives somewhere else?

This actually happens all the time. Typically we have 3-4 (or more) in person marathon meetings before the wedding and we do a lot of planning via conference calls, email and Skype. Those marathon meetings include site visits, vendor meetings, design consultations, walk throughs and more. We make our time together incredibly full so you feel very productive by the time we head back to our respective homes.

How do I get Bernadette to speak at my event?

Bernadette is a sought-after speaker and regularly trains her peers in the wedding industry as well as conducts wedding planning workshops for couples.  You can contact us about having her speak at your event.