Frequently Asked Questions About Destiny New York 

How do I get married in NYC?
Check out this helpful FAQ.

Are you with us when we get our marriage license?
Yes, absolutely!

Are these packages for out of state couples or New Yorkers?  
Doesn't matter to us!  

Are these packages for straight couples too? 
Absolutely! We love our straight allies.

Where in Central Park can I get married?
Once you book the package, we'll send you some options by email, with photos.

Can I have chairs and ceremony decor at the ceremony in Central Park?
Sorry, Central Park doesn't allow chairs or decorations - but there are some beautiful spots where decorations aren't necessary.

Can I get married in a different park besides Central Park?
Sure, though there may be permitting fees and other restrictions but we can absolutely look into that for you. 

Can the Destiny NYC be customized?
Definitely!  You can pick your own hotel, your type of flower and cake flavors.  You can also choose between a male and female officiant. You can choose your ceremony location, and if it's Central Park, we'll send you a list of great spaces within the park.  If it's the club or hotel, we'll send you the photos so you can see your options there.  

If the packages don't include food and beverage, how much should I expect to pay for those?
We are people who are having their reception in a hotel, the club or a restaurant's private dining room spending a minimum of $150 per person in Manhattan.

Will there be a processional and recessional at the wedding? 
That's up to you. Normally these elopements are very casual without a formal processional. Often, it's just the couple standing before the officiant together.

If there's a change in my plans, can I reschedule the date? 
We are happy to work with you on rescheduling your wedding once it's been booked, pending our availability. You have one year from the original date to reschedule and the deposit is non-refundable because we use it to pay our subcontracted vendors (like the photographer).

I don't want a wedding cake or flowers - can you take those off the package price?  
Yes, we can add or subtract from the package as you wish, however we do not reduce the package price with the Destiny NYC.

When is my balance due?
The balance is due one week prior to your arrival.

Should I tip Rhen?
If you have a great experience with Rhen, then by all means, tip him if you feel comfortable doing so.