Our Stories

14 Stories is a boutique event planning firm and was the country's first to specialize in producing legal LGBTQ weddings, although we work with all progressive-minded couples. We opened as marriage equality came to Massachusetts in 2004, but have teams actively planning in New York, New England and Chicago and anywhere else you'd like us to go. Our mission is not just to design innovative, distinctive weddings but also create a wedding and travel industry inclusive of all LGBTQ people. 

What's the 14?

The number 14 has a powerful legacy in marriage’s civil rights history. The U.S. Constitution’s 14th amendment worked toward establishing nationwide marriage equality and ending the ban on interracial marriage. The historic court case that first brought marriage equality to Massachusetts in 2004 had 14 plaintiffs. We believe that these stories - and your stories - change the world. Our work is to translate these stories into once-in-a-lifetime, one-of-a-kind weddings.

Our Community

Giving back to our community is one of our core values and we make a donation to charity on each full service client's first anniversary.  Some of the organizations we've supported include: HRC, Lambda Legal, The Point Foundation, GLADMarriage Equality USA and the Family Equality Council.