Jess and Erika's Wedding Featured in Vermont Vows Magazine

I love this wedding of Jess and Erika, a Brooklyn couple who married with us in Vermont last fall. Check out the beautiful photos by Carlos Castillo and the feature story in Vermont Vows magazine.  More

Two Days in Vermont

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Knowing Your State's Anti-Discrimination Laws

Did you hear the story about the lesbian couple who were planning a Vermont gay wedding and wanted to have their wedding at an inn but were told they couldn't, just because they were gay?

Vermont Gay Weddings

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The Green Mountain State Goes Gay

Here's a Boston Globe article on the subject  More

14 Stories Goes to Vermont

Congratulations to same-sex couples in Vermont!  You can now legally marry, thanks to the amazing House and Senate override of the governor's veto of same-sex marriage.  I'm proud of Vermont, for being the first state to have civil unions, and now the fourth state in the country to allow gay marriage.  It's wonderful that three of the four states are in New England and it's profoundly inspiring that Vermont and Iowa supported marriage equality within one week.