Gay Wedding Institute Certified Professionals

Some of you may know that I frequently travel around the world and lead workshops on gay weddings for those in the wedding industry who are seeking to better understand the LGBT wedding market.  My goal is to provide all same-sex couples, no matter where they live, with access to wedding professionals who really want to treat them with respect.    More

Why I Love Weddings Officiated by Celebrants

As my regular readers know, my favorite part of a wedding is the ceremony because of its power and potential to change the world.  More

Gay Wedding Travel Guide Destination: Vermont


14 Stories at Engage!

I just returned from Engage!, a luxury wedding industry summit held twice a year.  This was my fourth Engage! and I always look forward to this time to re-invigorate myself and my business as well as connect with new and old friends.  I've made so many thoughtful and genuine friends at Engage! - we know how to have a good time yet also hold each other accountable for the goals we set.  Engage! is a time for substantial conversations, deepening friendships and new collaborations in what can be a very intense and competitive industry.  More

Knowing Your State's Anti-Discrimination Laws

Did you hear the story about the lesbian couple who were planning a Vermont gay wedding and wanted to have their wedding at an inn but were told they couldn't, just because they were gay?

Five Ways to Protect Your Gay Family

Gay-Friendly Wedding Vendors in New York


Teamwork and Wedding Planning


Wedding Design: The Evolution of an Event Space


How Much to Tip Your Wedding Vendors

  • Caterers: Look for a gratuity line item for both the service staff and the bartender. If it’s not included, leave thirty-five to fifty dollars per server and for the catering manager, and 15 to 20 percent of the bar bill for the bartender(s). 
  • Limo: Leave 15 to 20 percent of the bill. 
  • Musicians: Tip each musician twenty five dollars or more. 
  •  DJ: A DJ should receive 15 percent of his fee, if they do not own their own company. 
  • Hair & Makeup: Tip the stylists 15 to 20 percent of their fees. 
  • Valet: Tip the valets fifty cents to one dollar per car. 
  • Coat Check: Coat checkers should receive fifty cents to one dollar per coat 
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