Thoughts on Engagement & Wedding Rings for Gay Couples

I had a great question the other day I wanted to answer here:  Do gay couples wear wedding bands along with the engagement ring? For example, When two men marry will one of them wear an additional band to compliment the engagement ring?  More

How to Address Gay Wedding Invitations

About Save the Date Cards

Once you have your venue chosen, date set, guest hotel booked and wedding website made, get busy on the save the dates cards, if you choose to have them.*  More

The Gay Wedding Party

The Traditional Wedding Party

Your best man.  Your best woman.  Your maid of honor.  Your attendant.  Your groomsman.  Your bridesmaid.  Your person of honor.  Your best person.  Your best people.  Your man of honor.  Your bestie.  More

Hair and Makeup for Gay Weddings

What's Different About Wills for Same-Sex Couples

We're very pleased to present the first in a series of articles about legal resources for same-sex couples.  They will be posted every Wednesday.  Our goal is to make sure that your gay or lesbian family is protected, both as you plan your gay wedding and continue your lives together.  The article below was written by Claire Bartholome, who in addition to being an estate planning attorney, is also a client of 14 Stories.  More

Pros & Cons of Restaurant Weddings

Using Inspiration Boards for Gay Weddings

Coming Out While Planning Your Gay Wedding

Each wedding involves 43 different number of vendors, on average.  Everyone from the hair and makeup people, to the limo driver, to the coat check guy.  And when you, as a gay couple are planning your wedding, you have to come out over and over and over again - to all of these people.  The ones you hire and the ones you do not.  Every time you visit a venue or taste cake, you must come out.  Every time you interview a florist or a wedding planner, you must come out.  This could mean coming out 100+ times over the course of wedding planning.  More