The Most Popular Reading at a Gay Wedding Ceremony

A History Lesson: Gay Marriage Timeline (in the US)

A History Lesson – the timeline of gay marriage in the US  More

Certified Copy of Your Marriage License

50,000 New York Couples

Name Changes for Gay Couples

One of the questions I get commonly from my out of state clients is how they change their name after marriage.  Here in Massachusetts, you write your new last name on your marriage application and the certified copy you can order will have the new name.  That certified copy will be accepted by the Social Security administration and the RMV.  This works in Massachusetts - but what happens when you return home to wherever you are from?  More

Anti-Discrimination Laws

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Thoughts on Maine and Other States

How to Green a Gay Wedding

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YouTube Series


The Final Word on Prop 8

California's Supreme Court upheld the Prop 8 ban on same-sex marriage  More