Thoughts on Proposition 1 in North Carolina

Yesterday, the Proposition 1 ballot initiative passed in North Carolina.  I can honestly say that I was in tears.  Our company has worked with dozens of couples from North Carolina over the years, including one of our 5/15/12 weddings and one of our 5/19/12 weddings.  Two couples this month, from (yet another) state which treats them as second-class citizens.    More

Gay Weddings in Washington State

Washington State became the seventh U.S. state (plus D.C.) to legalize gay marriage on Monday when Governor Gregoire signed the marriage equality bill into law.  This is very exciting but you may want to hold off on your gay wedding plans for a little bit longer.  Opponents of marriage equality still may try to stop it from going into effect on June 7 - so the matter is not yet settled - but this is a huge step forward.  Congratulations!  More

Same-Sex Marriage Ceremonies Officiated by Military Chaplains

It's super exciting that the Pentagon will now let military chaplains officiate gay marriage ceremonies.  This is in light of the recent repeal of "Don't Ask, Don't Tell."    More

Knowing Your State's Anti-Discrimination Laws

Did you hear the story about the lesbian couple who were planning a Vermont gay wedding and wanted to have their wedding at an inn but were told they couldn't, just because they were gay?

Five Ways to Protect Your Gay Family

How to Get Married In New York (Updated!)

(YAY!)  More

Marriage Equality Updates

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Politicians at Gay Weddings

I'm thrilled that the DC Council has approved same-sex marriage  More

Same-Sex Weddings In California

the ban on Prop 8  More

Six Years Ago Today