Gay Weddings in New York Magazine

Over the summer we agreed to provide expert wedding planning advice to same-sex couples being profiled by New York magazine.  I was given a lesbian couple, told their story and their scenario for a beach wedding next fall and asked to provide advice as if they were actual clients.  I gave them the full scoop which included some tough love, unfortunately!  Based on their wedding budget, $15,000, and their vision, I suggested they chop their guest list in half...check out the article and see what they thought of my advice.  More

Gay Wedding Planning Class at the Learning Annex

If you're in New York City on October 20, please join me at the Learning Annex for my Weddings Redefined workshop on gay wedding planning!  More

Knowing Your State's Anti-Discrimination Laws

Did you hear the story about the lesbian couple who were planning a Vermont gay wedding and wanted to have their wedding at an inn but were told they couldn't, just because they were gay?

Five Ways to Protect Your Gay Family

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Destination New York: Elopement Package for Same-Sex Couples

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Five Tips for a Great New York Gay Wedding


14 Stories is Bringing AMAZING Gay Weddings to New York!

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