14 Stories in the New York Times

We (and two of our clients/former clients) are in the New York Times about the wardrobe options for lesbian brides.  More

Wedding Planning in New York City, Simplified

Sometimes we hear from same-sex couples who want to have more than 20 guests but don't want to fuss with fully custom planning, despite wanting a beautiful, luxurious New York wedding experience.  For them, we are offering a new service, the Destiny Maxi package!  More

Fire Island Gay Weddings - The Pines and Cherry Grove

Fire Island, New York is a pretty special place and a truly beautiful destination for a wedding.  The Pines is predominantly a gay destination while Cherry Grove next door attracts the lesbians.    More

Gay Weddings at the Ritz-Carlton Battery Park

I really want to give a shout-out to the fabulous Ritz-Carlton Battery Park, in lower Manhattan. This property is certainly gorgeous, with views of the Hudson and Lady Liberty. But beyond that, I am consistently blown away by their impeccable service. It really is a great spot for a fabulous and quintessential New York gay wedding, large or small.  More

Workshops for Engaged LGBT Couples in the NYC Area

It's engagement season - and if you are planning your gay wedding in the New York City area and looking for some expert advice, you are in luck!  I'm participating in a couple of panel discussions soon as well as leading a solo workshop. All of these are designed to empower you to plan yourself a great gay wedding!  More

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Gay Wedding Travel Guide Destination: New York City

This is the first part in a new series every Monday for the next few weeks. Each week we'll be spotlighting an area where same-sex marriage is legal and providing you with some great travel tips and our picks for top same-sex wedding professionals.  More

Wedding Planning in the Fire Island Pines

I have new clients for whom I'm planning a 200+ guest gay wedding on Fire Island in the Pines.  Gay wedding planning on Fire Island requires a mastery of logistics - there are very few resources on the island itself - and most cars (except for the essentials and year-round residents) are not allowed.  We'll have to charter a boat and ship in every table, every chair, light and sound equipment, caterer's equipment, furniture, etc. - but fortunately I have experience with such challenges More

Standing On Ceremony: The Gay Marriage Plays


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