How to Get Married in Maine, Maryland and Washington

Now that marriage equality is the law in Maryland, Maine and Washington, here's the rundown on how to get married (note:  you must be 18).  Now, go gay weddings!!!  More

New State Budget Forces Price Increase for Massachusetts Elopements

As you may know, in Massachusetts, there is a 3 day waiting period to pick up a marriage license.  For example, if you apply on a Tuesday, it won't be available til that Friday.  Part of our services in Massachusetts are taking couples to court to petition a judge for a waiver of the 3 day waiting period.  More

Happy Anniversary New York!

Wow, I can't believe how quickly time passes but it's been exactly one year since New York State legalized same-sex marriage and we announced our plans to open the New York office!  We are thrilled by our successes in New York and are working on some truly amazing gay weddings with the kindest, loveliest couples from New York and many other states.    More

Thoughts on Proposition 1 in North Carolina

Yesterday, the Proposition 1 ballot initiative passed in North Carolina.  I can honestly say that I was in tears.  Our company has worked with dozens of couples from North Carolina over the years, including one of our 5/15/12 weddings and one of our 5/19/12 weddings.  Two couples this month, from (yet another) state which treats them as second-class citizens.    More

Judge Vaughn Walker's Ruling as a Gay Wedding Ceremony Reading

Gay wedding ceremonies continue to have political elements and the latest trend I've seen is the use of an excerpt of the ruling by Judge Vaughn Walker in the Prop 8 Trial.  What you see below is an excerpt which can be taken in full or further shortened for the ceremony:  More

Why I Love Weddings Officiated by Celebrants

As my regular readers know, my favorite part of a wedding is the ceremony because of its power and potential to change the world.  More

Standing On Ceremony: The Gay Marriage Plays


Same-Sex Marriage Ceremonies Officiated by Military Chaplains

It's super exciting that the Pentagon will now let military chaplains officiate gay marriage ceremonies.  This is in light of the recent repeal of "Don't Ask, Don't Tell."    More

How to Get Married In New York (Updated!)

(YAY!)  More

Civil Unions Approved in Delaware