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Some FAQs About What Happens Post DOMA


Gay Wedding Tradition: Two Aisles

Many gay and lesbian couples choose to process to the front of their sacred ceremony space down not one, but two aisles.  Jen and I did this; each of our attendants alternated going down the respective aisle, then Jen and I walked parallel to each other simultaneously.  

It's fairly common for a number of reasons, the main one being that in a gay or lesbian wedding, there is not necessarily a "bride" who is expected to be the center of attention.  Many gay and lesbian couples who are marrying have been together already for years and want to walk separately and meet in the middle.    More

Family Equality Council to Benefit from 14 Stories Weddings

As I've said before, the Family Equality Council is an LGBT organization near and dear to my heart.  In light of the AMAZING news surrounding the Supreme Court's rulings, I wanted to make a donation to FEC on behalf of all new full production clients who book with us.  SO here's the deal: for all full service weddings booked with 14 Stories by August 15, 2013, 14 Stories will make a donation of $1000 to Family Equality Council.  For every elopement booked in that time, we'll donate $150.  So, show the LOVE with 14 Stories and Family Equality Council.  More

Gay Wedding Tradition: Pre-Ceremony Champagne

More often than not, and enough to call it a gay wedding tradition, guests to gay weddings are greeted with passed sparkling wine and water before the wedding ceremony.  Sometimes it's a cocktail and sometimes it's a full open bar but it's usually just some bubbly.  More

Traditionally, At a Gay Wedding

When I'm asked by a reporter, a prospective client, a curious acquaintance, or a stranger at a cocktail party, "What's the difference between a straight wedding and a gay wedding?", my response begins with, "Well, traditionally, at a gay wedding..."

That's right - there are gay wedding traditions, mostly at the ceremony.  Let me explain further.

There's a strong and palpable feeling of triumph and celebration at gay weddings.  But before that feeling actually sets in, many of the guests who have never before attended a gay wedding simply don't know what to expect.  So the guests start out with a great deal of anticipation, are a little nervous, excited, curious.  We like to help them relax.  Traditionally, at a gay wedding, guests are greeted before the ceremony with champagne and sparkling water.  This can last for 5-30 minutes before the ceremony begins and sets the tone of something a little bit different but definitely celebratory and fun.

Then comes the processional...and not your typical Wedding March, the Bridal Chorus or Trumpet Voluntary with a massive wedding party.  Traditionally, if there is a central aisle, the couple walks in together holding hands.  If there is no central aisle (often), the couple walks in from two different directions each accompanied by their family and/or wedding party, and meets in the middle.  And the music?  How about "All You Need is Love", "Ribbon in the Sky" or another contemporary piece with meaning to the couple?  Sometimes this piece is played live and sometimes it's the recorded version of the song.  Our processional is "Your Precious Love" by Marvin Gaye and Tammi Terrell.

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Modern Ketubah  More

How to Get Married in...

Here's the rundown of same-sex marriage laws in the three new states:  Delaware, Rhode Island and Minnesota:  More

Moving Towards Equality

Such a powerful message today when President Obama became the very first president to mention the LGBT community in his inauguration address.   More

Gay Weddings at the National Cathedral

I grew up Catholic, and I'll never forget what happened the first time I went to Mass after I came out. I was home from college for Thanksgiving and the priest stood at the front of the church and told the parishioners not to let their children attend an upcoming workshop on HIV prevention put on by the high school because it "condoned homosexuality." I walked out and never went back (except for some weddings and funerals), and it's been nearly 20 years.   More

Happy New Year from 14 Stories!

It's been a truly incredible year for marriage equality (and for our business!)  Here are some things we are grateful for and excited about from 2012, in no particular order:  More