Lesbian Couple's Guide Wins Gold Medal


Happy New Year

Happy new year, friends and colleagues!  I hope you had a wonderful holiday season.  This post is a little late because our holidays were kind of hectic...between both of us getting horrible colds and Jen's grandma passing away, we have been fairly unplugged. As always, we start the new year highlighting 14 things that were exciting about LGBTQ rights, marriage equality and our company in 2013. Enjoy the list below and we look forward to hearing from you to celebrate this new year!  More

New Lesbian Wedding Planning Book

My second book, The Lesbian Couple's Guide to Wedding Planning, is now on sale! Check it out!  More

Wedding Pride Magazine

Wedding Pride magazine is a new print magazine that just launched in New York City and I believe it will also be a resource for Fire Island gay wedding planning.   I was honored to have a piece of my book on the same-sex wedding registry excerpted in the magazine, as well as be interviewed for a few other articles.  Check out a couple of the articles here (though I didn't upload the one about bachelor and bachelorette parties) or read the whole issue here.  It's a great resource for gay wedding planning in New York!  More

Gay Wedding Confidential at Barnes and Noble

Gay Wedding Confidential  More

Gay Wedding Confidential Now Available for Purchase