You Must Always Have a Rain Plan

I can't tell you how many times I've heard the past few days, "I feel bad for anyone getting married this weekend."

Yup, we got soaked here in New England.  Not much snow but a heck of a lot of rain.  But hey, we have gay marriage in almost every state in New England, so I'll take the good with the bad.

We don’t have sunshine every day like they do in Los Angeles, so we always always always have to have a rain plan for our gay weddings. We have our beautiful coastline and many people love beachy weddings, but there has to be a rain plan, and unfortunately sometimes that rain plan doesn’t have the same appeal.  Here are some questions to consider when planning an outdoor gay wedding:

  • Is a tent required or is there enough room inside if the weather is poor?
  • How cold does the area get in the evening?  Will heaters be required inside the tent?
  • How warm does the area get in the evening?  Will air conditioners or fans be required inside the tent?
  • Do the grounds get buggy during certain seasons?
  • Are there any drainage issues which could make for excess mud?
  • How far do the guests have to the restrooms?
  • Is there plenty of space inside for a ceremony if the weather is poor, and can it then be turned over for a reception while the guests go somewhere else during cocktail hour?
  • Is there adequate lighting on the property in the evening? 
  • Are there any eyesores which may need to be covered up or screened off?
  • Is there any foot traffic that may pass through the area or is there security to ensure that your space is completely private?
Finally, if you find yourself in a situation where your perfectly planned outdoor wedding gets rained out and you’re forced inside, think about asking your photographer to do another shoot of you two (kind of like an engagement shoot) in your wedding wardrobe on another day when it’s beautiful outside.

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