Wine, Beer and Signature Cocktails for Gay Weddings

For those couples whose gay wedding is around the corner, you're probably getting ready to taste some food, wine, beer and signature cocktails. A signature cocktail is a creation that is highlighted during cocktail hour, often passed by wait staff.  It is usually a pretty simple drink (don't overwhelm the bartenders) but it's nice to rename it in a way that is meaningful.

Remember - these are an area where you can personalize the guest experience.  Don't feel limited by the venue's wine list. Don't be afraid to ask for something off-list and find out what the fee is to bring something special in.

If you are lucky enough to bring your own bar to the wedding, the sky is the limit!  Consider a wine, beer or signature cocktail that goes along with your wedding theme.  Our July 3 wedding included a Liberty School Cabernet, for example.  

I encourage my clients to try wines and experiment with signature cocktails at home.  It's fun and good engaged-couple-bonding.  We had a small signature cocktail tasting party during our wedding planning and it was a blast.  

What signature cocktail will you be serving at your gay wedding?
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