Why Do You Need Us on Your Wedding Day?

One of the services offered by It's About Time is day of wedding coordination, or our Reality Package.  We call this the Reality Package because we often get calls from couples who are in over their head a few months prior to their wedding, when reality hits.  I understand.  We are getting married in 24 days and hired a day of coordinator ourselves.

So what happens on your wedding day that needs coordination?

First off, let me back up a bit and say that we first do a site visit with the client at which their vision is explained to us.  We ask the couple five pages of questions - things like, "Where do you want the flowers to be moved to after the ceremony?" and "Would you like special personal touches in the restrooms?"  Basically, we ask questions most people would never think about.

After this meeting, we put together a day of wedding schedule, which is very detailed.  It outlines the timing for formal photos, toasts, describes movement and flow and has setup and breakdown tasks.  We send this to you with all of the outstanding decisions highlighted.  These will be resolved before your wedding day.  We send the final schedule to your vendors. The schedule you see also has a packing list and list of final payments due, plus tip amounts.

Then we rehearse your wedding ceremony.  We insist on this so everyone can relax on your actual wedding day.

And then, on your actual wedding day, we generally arrive two hours early for setup and decoration tasks.  We now even have those fancy Secret Service earpieces so we can easily communicate with each other.  On your wedding day, we're in charge.  We manage flow, bring you champagne after your ceremony recessional, cue toasts, cue the photographer, DJ/band for announcements, pin corsages, line up groups for formal photos, load up your car with gifts and leftover wedding cake and generally make sure you are as relaxed as you can possibly be. 

And we include in our package vendor referrals - so if you book this package but still need a caterer, for example, we'll make referrals because we prefer to work with people we trust, so we prefer you to hire people we trust.  This makes everyone happy.

I'm sure every wedding planner has a nightmare story of a day of coordination client who planned themselves a "hot mess" of a wedding.  We've had a few of those ourselves, but our clients didn't even notice, and that's our job.

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