What Inspires Me?

I'm filling out a form because I'm speaking about gay weddings at an upcoming wedding industry event, and the question is: What inspires you? What challenges you? And what have you learned from your experiences to date?

Here's my answer:
I am inspired by the stories I hear from my clients – stories of what it’s like being gay in their hometown, how their families have responded to their engagement (which is usually different than how families respond to the relationship); and how they are redefining what a wedding looks and feels like. 

I am inspired by my clients who tell me stories of discrimination, heterosexism and hate, or share their fears of that with me.  I have seen much of it myself and it’s my mission to make the wedding industry fully inclusive, with no assumptions about the gender of the engaged couple – and that is also what challenges me. 

In the past five years, I have learned a lot: I have seen gay wedding trends evolve into traditions.  I have seen the hearts and minds of families change before my teary eyes during a gay wedding ceremony; and I’ve seen how much the wedding and hospitality industry still has to learn about the unique challenges and needs of gay and lesbian couples.

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