Wedding Nightmares

I've been joking that I need to start carrying around nips of liquor in my emergency kit - my brides and grooms have been nervous lately!  It's actually very cute...

But I can relate.  Yes, I am a very calm person, but it's strange how nerves manifest themselves. 

Last night I dreamt this highly implausible dream that has little basis in reality: our ceremony and reception were across the street from one another, but that street was a very busy road, specifically Land Boulevard in Cambridge.  Guests had to walk across this trafficky road in severe heat.  The reception began with no cocktail hour, and Jen and I were seated.  The cheesy, 70s-era DJ that came with the wedding package introduced these live musicians, one of them did a Kurt Cobain tribute (in costume), and another who sang folk music.

I then left the reception because I forgot something back at the ceremony site, and by the time I returned, everyone was standing around for cocktail hour but I missed all the food.  And I forgot to mention that to enter the reception site, there was a very long, gradual stairway up, followed by a confusing trap door!

What on earth is going on?!  I suppose there are a few parallels between my dream and what Jen and I have planned, but on the whole, it's baffling.  But I can tell you that I was certainly irritable when I woke up this morning.

I should note that I'm still very calm (during awake hours, that is).

Jen has recently been experiencing anxiety on the verge of panic attacks - but her stress comes while she's awake.  Let me tell you - it's a lot of pressure planning a wedding when your career is a wedding planner.  A lot.  The expectations of guests, acquaintances, clients, vendors, colleagues and followers on Twitter are very high, and while I'm confident that we planned ourselves an amazing wedding, what if it's not?  Of course, Jen has the added stress of designing all of our wedding flowers. 

(Jen has also asked me to note that she's not at all anxious about being married, just about the wedding itself.)  Thankfully that's all...

Anyway, all this to say, that I can relate to clients and friends' stories of wedding nightmares.  One of my friends had a nightmare that her fiance left her, saying, "I just want to be friends." It's horrifying what the subconscious creates. 

I'd love to hear about any wedding dreams or nightmares you've had or are having.  It helps to share so we can have a good laugh and reality check!  What's the craziest wedding nightmare you've had?

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