Wedding Cake, or Not?

Warning: this post is going to make you hungry.

Recently I've had an increasing number of clients, gay and straight, opt for a wedding dessert other than wedding cake.  Now, this is not to say that wedding cakes have gone the way of the dinosaur - far from it - but about 1/3 of my clients are mixing it up a bit. 

With cupcakes (the obvious substitute)...

With pies...

Or strawberry shortcake...

Or miscellaneous cakes from their favorite bakeries:

Photos by, top to bottom, Michael Manning, unknown, Closed Circle Photo and Derek Goodwin.

The question is, of course, if you are of the mind that a cake cutting is a fun wedding tradition, do you instead cut the pie or strawberry shortcake?  If you wish, of course!

What's your favorite wedding dessert?  And are you planning a cake/pie/cupcake cutting ritual?

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