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In between weddings on Cape Cod last week, I dashed off to a luxury wedding industry summit in the Cayman Islands.  It was an incredible way to meet some legends of the industry and have complete access to brilliant minds more than happy to share their experiences.  Every attendee at this conference was there to kick their business into high gear and poised to push themselves to the next level.  I was the only person at the conference in the business of gay weddings.

photo by Jasmine Star.  Left to right, Millie Bratten from Brides magazine; Sylvia Weinstock; and Marcy Blum

And what a business it is...  Late one night, on his terrace, I shared a drink with Colin Cowie, David Berke (the President of Colin's company) and Rosalind from Two Bright Lights.  We talked about many things but then the topic of gay weddings came up and I was asked (as I often am), what's the difference between a straight wedding and a gay wedding?  

As I began to talk through the differences, Colin's eyes opened wide and it was clear I was sharing some new insight he had never previously considered. And just like that, the roles were reversed and I was educating an industry legend.  

Our company, 14 Stories, was the first of its kind in the U.S. and we are still leading the way with research, data and insight into the engaged LGBT couple.  I have the most exhilarating career, coming into the lives of the sweetest couples ever and producing them magnificent weddings - and then sharing the information I gather with the wedding industry at large to ultimately reduce homophobia and heterosexism.  

It doesn't get any better than this...

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