Thoughts from New York

I recently realized that I've totally dropped the ball on sharing stories from our move to New York.  We've been here a year and a half now, having moved shortly after the marriage equality law went into effect. Though I'm originally from NY, it had been over 15 years since I lived in the state.

Though moving to New York initially brought a great deal of incredible publicity, what took awhile was clients!  Those first few months I was sweating bullets as an 8 year old company starting again from scratch.  I was hustling, getting to better know New York vendors and venues.  I spent a few nights each week networking.  Jen was unemployed at first.  It took her awhile to find her dream job (which thankfully she now has, at Columbia University SIPA).  Our son Patrick was home with Jen during the day while I was out building a business in a brand new city.  Those were among the most stressful months of our marriage, especially since Jen didn't really like living in NYC.

We developed elopement packages right away, modeled after what was so successful in Boston.  Andrew was hired to coordinate those packages and has been a godsend as I've worked with clients on full wedding planning.

Gradually, some amazing couples started taking chances on our new (old) business and we were off and running.  I am so incredibly grateful for all of our NYC clients who believed in us in our first year in NYC.  You are all amazing people that I am happy to now consider friends.  I am also incredibly grateful to the amazing vendors and venues with whom we partnered  in 2012 - the people that make us look good!  It's hard learning to trust a whole bunch of new people but I'm now super confident in the team we've built.

2012 ended up being a really terrific year for us, though there were also some tough lessons learned.  Just goes with the territory, I suppose, and of course makes me even more committed to great things in 2013.  

Can I just say that I LOVE LIVING IN NY again?!  Jen may disagree a little bit but she does agree that the energy and people here are incredible.  In such a short time, I feel like we've not just built a brand new (old) business but made some high quality friends, and that's even more precious. Thank you!

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