Then Comes Marriage

A funny thing has happened in the past six years.  Same-sex couples meet, fall in love, get engaged and then get married.  And at least here in most of New England and now DC and Iowa, getting married and planning for a gay wedding has become the "normal" next step in a relationship.  It's legal and a legitimate, common option for couples.

Two of our dear friends recently got engaged after a 18 months of dating and will probably be marrying sometime in the next year or so.  And to us, and to our other friends, this is just what happens now.  Marriage is legal and gay weddings are happening all over the place.  Most of these weddings have no overt political agenda - they're just about the love of two people. 

But the funny thing that happens is that guests at these gay weddings see the love story of the normal, happy couple play out, return to their neighborhood and tell their friends and co-workers the story of last weekend's wonderful gay wedding, leading to a ripple effect of positive momentum.  The stories get told and these are the stories that change the world.

What's my favorite part of a gay wedding?  All the tears of joy during the wedding ceremony, culminating in the phrase "I now pronounce you legally married."

What's your favorite part of a gay wedding?
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