The Post-Wedding Blues

Coming back from a glorious honeymoon and a perfect wedding has been difficult, more than I could have ever predicted.  We stayed at a tiny European-style boutique resort in Aruba and did almost nothing for 8 days.  I read four books and drank fabulous frozen cocktails.  Because we did so little, the time passed very slowly so it felt like we were gone for two weeks.

I have heard from several other newlyweds who have described their state post-wedding as downright depressing.  It makes sense - after all of the planning and anticipation and pressure, the momentum comes to a screeching halt.  Although I have a bit of post-wedding blues, I'm comforted by a quote I once heard in a movie: "Happiness is having something to look forward to."  Maybe that's why I'm a planner - I am fueled by momentum and the excitement of whatever is coming next. 

Our honeymoon was the first big vacation we took in a year and a half but is was a good reminder that those pampering trips are absolutely necessary so we're planning more of them - and even the short ones to Provincetown and Montreal will be wonderful.  Something to look forward to.

You may be looking forward to your wedding and/or your trip to Boston or the Cape for your wedding/honeymoon.  What are you most excited about in your life and why?

If you are already married, how did you beat the post-wedding blues?

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