Stories from 2009

The states of New Hampshire, Vermont and Iowa all legalized gay marriage in 2009.  DC is probably coming next.  Despite some setbacks, there are many reasons I find hope as I reflect this holiday season.

In 2009, this company helped 53 same-sex couples legally marry.  These couples represented 24 states, including Massachusetts.  I personally met about 2/3 of these couples and got to hear some wonderful stories of triumph, destiny and the mystery of falling in love.  Some of the stories:

  • A groom toasting his guests who traveled all over the world by saying, "Thank God to Massachusetts for letting us come here to marry."
  • Going with my transgender client and her fiancee to try on wedding dresses, and seeing her elation with finding the perfect dress within an hour.
  • Days of client-planner bonding during marathon site visits with a number of different clients.
  • Seeing the joy of a client after his seriously ill sister made the trip across the country to attend the wedding (and had a great time in good health).
  • Hearing the story of a couple together 18 years who, every month, celebrate the date they first met, and never, ever take each other for granted.
  • Walking down the aisle at my own wedding, hand in hand with Jen, and seeing all the people who came to be there with us that day.
  • A gay horah and a lesbian horah - it brings me such joy to see my clients up on those chairs.
  • Getting tons of support and positive feedback when we renamed the company to 14 Stories.
  • Hearing the story of a couple who are part of an ACLU lawsuit against the state of Arkansas because the state prevents "unmarried couples" from adopting, and these great guys want a kid.
I'm hopeful that the marriage equality movement will continue its forward momentum in 2010.  I promise that 14 Stories will continue leading the way, nationally, in gay weddings.  We vow to continue educating and screening wedding industry vendors and continue providing the same great customer service you've come to expect.  

I wish you all a wonderful holiday season and look forward to hearing more of your beautiful stories in 2010.


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