Same-Sex Weddings In California

We heard the news this week that Judge Walker, a federal district judge in California, overruled the ban on Prop 8.  Tons of people are ecstatic about this ruling - it's a huge step in the right direction of marriage equality.

Since this ruling has been appealed and will likely reach the U.S. Supreme Court, many LGBT individuals fear that the timing is not right and the U.S. Supreme Court will vote unfavorably.  That remains to be seen but I for one, am thrilled that marriage equality won round one in this Prop 8 case.

So, what does this mean right now?  Currently there is a "stay" on the ruling which means that same-sex marriages have not resumed in California.  Governor Schwarzenegger and Attorney General Jerry Brown, among others, have both submitted motions to have those marriages resume.  We're waiting to see what happens and hoping for the best!

I'm currently working with four couples from California on their wedding plans in Massachusetts.  What are your plans and how will this ruling affect them?
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