Politicians at Gay Weddings

I'm thrilled that the DC Council has approved same-sex marriage.  The next stop is the Mayor's desk, and he has promised to sign it.  Then, if all goes well with the Mayor, Congress has the right to intervene.  Rep. Pelosi has indicated that Congress will let gay marriage go into effect.

This is great news in our nation's capitol.  I'm particularly excited because I'd love to see some Congressmen and women invited to some gay weddings.  You know what happens when people go to gay weddings, right?  

Regardless of their feeling on gay marriage in the past, or their political views, they witness a legal marriage ceremony.  Not a commitment ceremony, not a civil union, but a legal marriage.  This is a big deal, still a historical big deal because there are so few places gay marriages are possible.  And those guests at gay weddings leave and say, "wow, that was the best wedding I've ever been to." Not just because it was a beautiful wedding but because it had this amazing sense of triumph and validation.  It was a real wedding and those guests will start talking about it.

If you are an engaged gay couple in the greater DC area, what should you do?  If you are planning a legal gay wedding in DC, I urge you to invite your Congressmen or woman to the wedding.  With any luck, they'll come and there will be this giant tide of change that will sweep through Congress and overturn that awful Defense of Marriage Act.  That may sound idealistic, I know, but that's how change happens.

With any luck - but it's got to start with you.  

Heck, even if you don't live in DC, you should consider inviting your Senators or Rep.  I'm now wishing we had.

Are you planning to get married in DC when it becomes legal?

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