My Own Gay Wedding, Chapter 1

I think it will be fun to tell some stories related to planning my own gay wedding in Boston. Let me start by saying it's a lot of pressure! I'm quite certain, no matter how it turns out, that I will be judged!

The Ring and the Engagement

Sometime before Jen moved in, we had conversations about ring styles and I had a sense of what she wanted. I even had a photo of what she liked. One day after I left a client's office in downtown Boston, I decided that, just for kicks, I'd go ring shopping, get a sense of what the cost might be, etc. This is one of the parts of planning a wedding I've never been involved in, since my clients always have the ring when I meet them!

The second store I went had the setting in stock, showed me some diamond options and before I knew it, I bought a ring (which looks similar to the one on the left). It happened so quickly and so easily, much more so than I expected. In the week or so it was being made, I thought of all these elaborate and clever ways to propose. When I picked the ring up, I buried in the back of my file cabinet and tried not to think about it - I wanted to wait a few months.

A few weeks later, Jen moved in. That Sunday night, I made dinner (and it was terrible) and we sat in our pajamas, looking adoringly at each other when Jen took my hand and said, "I can't imagine being any happier than I am at this moment." I'm not sure what came over me - I think I saw that as a challenge - and politely excused myself to get a "sweater." I returned with the ring, mumbled something sweet, and before I knew it, we were engaged!

Everyone has a different story and it's been fun creating my own while working with others. One of my favorite parts of my career is getting to know all kinds of couples and seeing glimpses of their lives. I have worked with couples together 30 years who live in the country; couples who have kids and live on a quiet urban neighborhood street; couples who live in a downtown loft and have season tickets to the Celtics; and couples who, like Jen and I, experienced love at first sight and didn't want to wait any longer to begin the fun part of being together forever.

Back to my story...let's just say that I'm part-Type A, a wedding planner, marrying someone wedding-obsessed, and within two days of our engagement, we had our venue booked...
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