It's All in the Lighting

First of all, why use lighting design for your wedding?  It creates a mood.  It can be virtually any color to match your theme.  It can hide ugly walls.  It creates ambiance and intimacy.  It is not very expensive anymore.  It's romantic.  It can save you money in other areas (flowers, perhaps).

I had a fantastic meeting last night with Paul, the owner of Boston Uplights.  He's really on the cutting edge of wireless lighting design.  He has a few innovations I'd like to share with you:

1) Wireless LED uplights.  He has a few different sizes to achieve a variety of lighting experiences.  But basically, these are lightweight, wireless and can easily placed around the room (and later moved if necessary).  He uses a single remote control to maneuver the color and strength of each of the wireless uplights.  It was amazing being in his studio seeing the room swiftly change color from his remote.

2) Wireless centerpiece uplights.  Not exactly a new innovation but Paul's system is set up so that the base itself does not have any lighted components.  In this case, his small wireless uplight is placed on the table and then your choice of three plexi-type bases fits over the light.  There are two pieces to this, meaning that you can get more power and color choice that you would with a standard one piece centerpiece uplight.

3) Paper lanterns.  Boston Uplights has a terrific innovative system for hanging paper lanterns in a tent or any venue that has a drop ceiling.  His system allows for swift setup (less $$) and amazing ease of adjusting the lantern heights.

4) Hanging candles.  Same deal - he can hang tons of amazingly lifelike wireless LED flickering candles (in glass votives) from a drop ceiling or tent.

5) Monogram projection.  Using an actual projector, not a gobo, they can project a custom made wedding monogram, photos or whatever on your dance floor or on an ugly wall to soften the room.

These are terrific innovations for the industry.  Imagine taking a boring hotel ballroom and having candles dropping from the ceiling at varying heights.  So romantic, so intimate and warm.  And his price point is great.  The basic wireless LED system starts at $995, including staff for a night.  Because his technology is wireless and because he has intelligently thought about ways to make setup a snap, he can save clients a ton of money on the labor costs currently charged by other lighting companies, most of whom start at at least $1500.

And if the space doesn't have a drop ceiling (like our wedding venue), then we'll just have the standard uplights and the centerpiece uplights, though I'm confident Boston Uplights will think about ways to easily hang lanterns and candles from those venues in the future as well. I'll be recommending Boston Uplights to all my clients.

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