How Will Your Guests Remember Your Gay Wedding?

I don't know how couples who don't have a wedding planner execute their wedding well.  Obviously I'm biased but when it comes to the wedding day, I run a tight ship and my clients' weddings run on time, all the time.  If we run late, then we always catch up.  We have five (sometimes six) hours to get it right and we don't mess around.  It's all about the flow and that's what the guests remember.

In every wedding blog or magazine, the images you'll see are mostly the details - the stationery, the cake, the favors, the shoes, the socks, the dress.  And the details are important and certainly memorable.  I always encourage a cohesive design vision.  I'll tell you that some of the guests don't even notice.  But what they do notice is...

  • the first thing they see, hear or are encouraged to do the moment they enter the venue
  • whether your wedding starts on time
  • the length and tempo of the ceremony
  • the food at cocktail hour
  • how long they have to stand around before they can have a seat
  • how easy or difficult it is to be seated
  • traffic/congestion/crowds at the bar, food stations, buffet, receiving line, etc
  • the customer service by every single staff member
  • the music
  • how long it takes to receive their meals
  • how long the toasts are
  • whether or not they know/like the other guests at their dinner table
  • how soon they get to dance
  • how the night ends
In short, they care about the F L O W.  Guests can't be allowed to get restless or bored. They need to be managed. The wedding needs to be managed.  How are you ensuring flawless flow and customer service at your gay wedding?

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