Guest List Dos and Don'ts for Your Gay Wedding

If you are newly engaged and planning a New York gay wedding, Boston gay wedding, Provincetown gay wedding, or anywhere else, you first have to start by creating a guest list.  Here are some important Dos and Don'ts when creating your guest list:

Do first think about your budget.  Feeding and providing alcohol to all those people adds up, so first think about how many people you can afford to invite. 

Do only invite people you actually want there.  Skip the people who you feel like you have to invite out of obligation - and you can even skip "plus ones" if you don't actually know who the guest would be.

Do set policies and stick with them.  Be consistent in the "rules" you set.  For example, are kids invited?  Are co-workers invited?  Are exes invited?

Don't let your parents/family be pushy about the guest list...even if they are helping to pay.  This means that if your parents are involved in the wedding and want to invite their co-workers, neighbors and friends (which is pretty unusual, by the way), stand your ground!

Don't invite people who don't support gay marriage.  This means that if your Great Aunt Ellen signs anti-gay marriage petitions, then she shouldn't make the cut - unless you think she's flexible or could be convinced.

(photo by Michael Manning).

What are the policies you're setting for your own wedding?
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