Getting Parents Excited About Your Gay Wedding (part two)

The second part in a series on how to get your parents excited about your gay wedding.  The first part is here.

Step two:  Gradually start sharing your excitement about the wedding plans.  Say things like, “We took a look around at venues today and it was really fun.”  or “I’ve been looking through bridal magazines for dresses I might like.”  And this is the best one: “I received the sweetest engagement card in the mail today from Aunt Mary!  She sounds so excited for us!” 

Say, normal, typical wedding planning things, as if it’s any other conversation with your parents.  Don’t make a big deal out of the plans yet but start to plant the seed that this is for real and that you are taking action.  And peer pressure is great - your parents will feel guilty if you received a card from Aunt Mary but not from them.

This is what I urged Jen to do with her mom.  Slowly start releasing information about your ideas, just in the normal course of conversation.  It piques curiosity!

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