Getting Parents Excited About Your Gay Wedding (part six)

Your parents are starting to get really excited by now - now is the time to channel their excitement appropriately.  For a recap of earlier steps, start here.

Step six:  Give your parents a project during the wedding planning process.  Channel your parents’ new enthusiasm into a very narrow and specific project.  This is very important if you want to retain ownership over your wedding plans.  The trick is to distract your parents with something they would strive to be very good at.  Pardon my use of gender roles, but I've observed that moms like being a hostess so give them the project of planning wedding weekend activities for out of town guests. That’s my favorite thing to focus eager moms.  Also, if you are having gift bags to welcome wedding guests to your hotel, put mom in charge - she'll love the shopping AND the assembly. 

But maybe your dad likes to make homemade beer or wine?  Maybe he can make favors for your guests.  Or maybe he's very handy - can he build you a chuppah (if you want a chuppah)?

Jen’s mom was in charge of the bridal shower.  She also had a lot of input on the post-wedding brunch and the weekend activities.  She had stuff to do and for which to feel responsible - but this was channeled appropriately so we could stay focused on our own responsibilities. 

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