Getting Parents Excited About Your Gay Wedding (last step)

This is last part in my blog series about getting your parents excited about your gay wedding.  If you are just joining us, the first step is located here.

Step seven:  As the wedding gets close, distract your parents some more.  If your parents live out of state, when they come to town, keep them busy with projects.  This means that you should ask them to write out escort cards, bring gift bags to the hotel and tidy your house so it’s clean after your honeymoon.  They will have nervous energy, still with no expectations about a gay wedding and will be all wound up possibly worrying about what others will think.  Channel their energy to your own benefit. 

We had Jen’s mom assembling out of town guest gift bags and writing out escort cards.  We had her parents, her sister and her sister’s boyfriend over our condo loading up the car with everything and tidying our house so we wouldn't come home to a mess post-honeymoon.  Worked like a charm and everyone had fun with it.

These steps have been spread out in part because they take time to execute.  This is a gradual process but I know for a fact that these steps really work to ease your parents into the idea of a gay wedding.  Please leave a note in the comments letting me know if these have worked for you!

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