Exciting Gay Marriage News

This morning I met a charming lesbian couple from Georgia at their hotel and had them married by early afternoon.  Turns out while I was busy with the girls, the governor of Maine was holding a press conference announcing his signing of a bill legalizing gay marriage in Maine.

And later this afternoon, the New Hampshire House signed a bill legalizing gay marriage there!  Since the Senate already signed the bill, it now goes to the Governor and we don't know what to expect from him.

And yesterday the Washington DC Council voted to recognize gay weddings performed legally in other states
.  DC residents, come here to New England!

Seriously, all this news is making me dizzy with excitement, with business ideas, and with more and more energy and momentum.  It's such a dynamic time in history.  Five years from when gay marriage came to Massachusetts and from when my business began, the tides have turned and three states have legalized gay marriage within the past two months. 

My business and my clients continue to inspire me.  I truly am blessed to have stumbled into a career that has become a vocation and my heart (next to Jen, that is...) 

Congratulations to the residents of Maine who now have marriage equality.  Thank you to EqualityMaine, the Maine Civil Liberties Union and the Maine Women's Lobby for all you did to make this possible.  Thank you to the Washington DC Council and the New Hampshire Freedom to Marry Coalition.  New Hampshire residents, call your governor and show your support for marriage equality!

And on a purely playful note, how fun will it be to plan legal gay weddings in Ogunquit, Maine!  Just 90 minutes from Boston, it's a great gay escape and I am completely giddy by the possibilities.

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