Crafting the Perfect Toast for a Same-Sex Wedding

My friend Fiona posted to Facebook this morning that she's been asked to give a toast on Saturday at her friend's gay wedding. She was looking for words of wisdom and inspiration.  She asked questions like "What do you think love is?" and "What would you say at a marriage toast?"

Great questions!  My only rules for toasts are:  1) don't have more than 4 people toast (2-3 is even better); 2) remind them to keep the toast under 3 minutes; and 3) ask people in advance lest there be an accidental "open mic"!

So, back to my friend Fiona - she received some good suggestions including:

  • "To love and be loved right back is the most precious thing in your life"

  • the Hugh Grant's toast from Four Weddings and a Funeral, in particular, I like when he speaks of his awe and wondrous disbelief at two people finding someone to love for the rest of their lives when the world seems bent against it happening.

  • part of the Goodridge case that legalized equal marriage in Massachusetts. There is an incredibly beautiful part about what marriage really is about.

  • "When the roaring flames of your love have burned down to embers, may you find that you've married your best friend."

I've been asked to give several toasts at friends wedding and I've always enjoyed MO is to say great (but funny) things about each partners as individuals, then great (but funny) things about them as a couple, then kind and sweet well wishes.  And keep it under 3 minutes!

What would you say if asked to give a speech at a friend's same-sex wedding?

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