Choosing the Perfect Wedding Wine

When planning a wedding, there are so many indulgent details to obsess over.  Jen and I have had so much fun over the past few months indulging in private, at-home wine tastings with potential wedding wines.  It's been great couple-bonding and has been a big obsession of mine (though certainly a fun obsession)!  Our wedding venue provides its own catering and wine list.  We took a look at the list, tried a few, were vaguely disappointed and decided to choose our own and have them order it.  We tried to say within the $10-15/bottle price point because the venue will mark it up 300%.  This has been a fun process...

Choosing the right wine for your wedding can be a wonderful theme-related detail.  For example, I had clients last year who had a travel-themed wedding.  Their custom-designed wedding invitations (below) were boarding passes.  Their table names were photos of places they'd been.  And so on.  The details were great, up to and including their red wine selection, Boarding Pass Shiraz, selected not only because it was thematic but also because they enjoyed the wine.

During the course of wedding planning, it's not unusual for my clients and I to share some wine.  I worked with two gentlemen last fall who always had a beautiful bottle of Chardonnay in their home (never red wine, for fear a spill would damage the beautiful Jonathan Adler furniture).  Together we shared many bottles of wine, and picked out wines for their wedding and holiday party.  Through them, via the local Wine Emporium, I discovered the delicious Liberty School Chardonnay - and its gorgeous buttery color and flavor - robust and fruity, yet with a nice crisp finish. 

When it came time to choose our own wedding wines, I went right for the Liberty School, not even noticing that it could be thematic (we are getting married on the 3rd of July, after all).  Their Cabernet is equally as good and Jen's mom, a red wine aficionado loves it.  I am a big fan of new world styles of wines and big, bold reds.  Their Cab is softer than some - it tastes full of berries with a kick of pepper.  I think it's actually a very fun, summery Cab.

This past Friday night, I went food and wine tasting with clients from Manhattan getting married in April.  Together we tasted an exquisite white called McManis Viognier.  The first thing you notice is the peach aroma.  This is an outstanding wine value at about $12 and my clients chose it for their white offering.   The next day, Jen and I had a bottle and are thinking of switching to the McManis especially since it goes great with the lobster on our menu.  I highly recommend this wine.

I love how our own wedding plans are inspired by my clients, even in tiny ways such as wine selections.  When planning your wedding, don't forget to choose wine you love - it's an inexpensive detail that can speak volumes.

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