I am hereby giving you permission to be a Bridezilla (or a Groomzilla)!

I look at it this way:  you're probably spending tens of thousands on dollars on your wedding day.  You want it to be perfect.  You want to do this only once. 

Add that to moms or future mother-in-laws who have strong opinions (and may be paying for a portion of the wedding).  You may encounter dear friends who themselves are showing Bridezilla tendencies.  You may all of a sudden have a lot of extra pressure at work.  You may want to lose weight for the wedding.  You may be very upset by your wedding gown alterations (Jen knows all about this one...)

You can be a Bridezilla.  We don't mind. And we know better than to take it personally.

Honestly, we understand, and Jen and I have each had our own Bridezilla moments in the course of planning our own wedding.  Weddings are stressful and get many people around you excited!  You are probably getting lots of unsolicited advice and opinions - and if you are a LGBT couple, you're probably going to get lots of advice from straight friends and family who will tell you how a wedding should look and feel. 

Stand your ground.  It's your wedding, your vision and I'd hate for you to lose sight of that, and lose part of your identity in the process even if this means that you sometimes act like a Bridezilla.  You don't have to apologize for it, certainly not with us.  I hear from one partner at some point in every planning process, "I'm sorry I'm having a Bridezilla moment" or "I went so Bridezilla on my mother last night."  I'd much rather have that happen that have a couple upset that their vision has been compromised.  If you are our client, we take it all in stride.

Rock on, Bridezillas!

What's been your biggest Bridezilla or Groomzilla moment?

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