A Report Back from Mexico

In late June, I flew down to Mexico to teach wedding planners and other wedding industry professionals all about same-sex weddings. These were events organized by the amazing ladies at ABC Mexico.  I talked about the laws and policies, language and terminology, data, wedding trends, differences between gay and straight weddings, and marketing information. 

The first day, in Mexico City, there were about 80 people in the room, including event sponsors from United Airlines and JW Marriott Hotel. The second day, in Cancun, there were around 30 people, mostly wedding planners and people who work at wedding venues. I spent a full day with each group and the enthusiasm around same-sex weddings is amazing. These are people who truly want to do the right thing, believe in equality, and want to treat their same-sex couple clients with the respect that all couples deserve. 

While there, I also did some interviews with newspapers, tv and websites who are reporting on this issue. Although the same-sex wedding industry is relatively new in the U.S., it's even more new in Mexico. The potential for growth is enormous and there's room for everyone to benefit while planning these amazing weddings. 

One of the things that was most surprising to the attendees is that Mexico does not have a law that's the equivalent of DOMA and same-sex couples have much better rights and protections than they do in the U.S. Although the U.S. currently has only 6 states (plus D.C.) with legal same-sex marriage now, those marriages are not recognized in most other states and by the U.S. federal government. While Mexico only has legal same-sex marriage in the state of Mexico City and civil unions in the state of Cuahuila, those unions are recognized throughout the country and by the government of Mexico. 

It was inspiring to me to bring my message to our large neighbor to the South and inspiring to me to see the passion and commitment by some in the country around gay weddings.
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