9 Days

Jen and I are getting married in nine days.

One night a few weeks ago, Jen started getting crafty and asked for the hole puncher and before I knew it, she made a tear-off count down til our wedding calendar.  Very cute.  And so not the kind of thing I'd ever do on my own.  So each  morning we go to the calendar and tear off a day.  And this morning we tore off #10, leaving us with nine days.

The question I get asked most often is whether I'm planning my own wedding.  The answer is, "Of course.  I'd never let go of that one."  But it should be noted that we hired people we adore and trust, and the venue has been amazing and so responsive, + we hired a day of coordinator.  I will let go and trust, and our own wedding day will be amazing.

(Off topic, but that's really my philosophy when working with vendors.  I'll be as hands-on and micromanage as much as the situation requires, but in general, I love working with a team of vendors I know and trust, and who always deliver above and beyond what they promise.  These are the vendors that make me look good.)

It's funny thinking about how we'll be spending the next nine days.  When I'm working with clients, I give them a very detailed task list and timeline.  But the task list I give clients doesn't include the specifics of what to pack for the hotel and what photos to bring to the venue to display. 

Of course, Jen is obsessing about our wedding flowers, since she's doing all the floral design.  Although she's been designing for clients, she feels an extra layer of pressure with our own wedding, given the expectations of friends and family.  I completely trust her vision and am very excited by her concept.

So what's on my list of things to do?  Here's part of my boring list - the last minute details are always so random:

  • Write a quick intro letter and note about brunch and shuttle bus for hotel welcome bags
  • Print that note
  • Dry clean white suit and silver top, Jen’s black top, my black suit
  • Buy gift for Jane
  • Final shopping trip to Jacobon's
  • Spray paint reeds
  • Write my toast
  • Whiten teeth
This wedding planner is just like any other bride, so off I go to glue navy ribbon to votives...

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