14 Stories in the Advocate Magazine

When I first came out in 1994 and discovered The Advocate Magazine, it was like unveiling a brand new world.  Here was a glossy print publication full of stories with people that were part of what I learned was now my "community." I started my wedding planning business 10 years later, and now, almost 10 years after that, my business is FINALLY in The Advocate Magazine.  I'm thrilled.  Check out the story:  You Just Said Yes, Now What?  We are in the section on wedding planners.  More

Some FAQs About What Happens Post DOMA


Our Lesbian Brides in The Knot Magazine

Here's the final post on our weddings in The Knot's Gay Weddings digital magazine - this one is in the edition for lesbian brides.  You'll see our beautiful brides Jess and Heather who were married in Boston last year, and some of my helpful advice on planning a great gay wedding!  More

Our Grooms in The Knot

We were thrilled to have several of our weddings chosen to be featured in TheKnot.com's new Gay Weddings magazine.  Here are some photos from our grooms' great gay weddings!  These two weddings were New York City gay weddings, the first at the Ritz-Carlton Battery Park, and the second at our groom's office building (thanks to SuperStorm Sandy).  More

14 Stories in the Knot Gay Weddings Edition

Check this out!  We were honored to be asked to contribute a lot to the Knot's first every gay weddings (digital) magazine.  Inside you'll see some of our real weddings as well as expert advice on planning gay weddings.  This post just gives you a taste of what else I'll share in the coming days.  More

Gay Wedding Tradition: Two Aisles

Many gay and lesbian couples choose to process to the front of their sacred ceremony space down not one, but two aisles.  Jen and I did this; each of our attendants alternated going down the respective aisle, then Jen and I walked parallel to each other simultaneously.  

It's fairly common for a number of reasons, the main one being that in a gay or lesbian wedding, there is not necessarily a "bride" who is expected to be the center of attention.  Many gay and lesbian couples who are marrying have been together already for years and want to walk separately and meet in the middle.    More

Family Equality Council to Benefit from 14 Stories Weddings

As I've said before, the Family Equality Council is an LGBT organization near and dear to my heart.  In light of the AMAZING news surrounding the Supreme Court's rulings, I wanted to make a donation to FEC on behalf of all new full production clients who book with us.  SO here's the deal: for all full service weddings booked with 14 Stories by August 15, 2013, 14 Stories will make a donation of $1000 to Family Equality Council.  For every elopement booked in that time, we'll donate $150.  So, show the LOVE with 14 Stories and Family Equality Council.  More

Michael and Greg's Wedding at 632 on Hudson

Loving these photos from Michael and Greg's wedding at 632 on Hudson from the incomparable Kelly Guenther Studio More

Gay Wedding Tradition: Foundation Covenants/Sign-in Boards

I love ketubahs, Foundation Covenants and other sacred wedding texts.  I think they are elegant and can reflect the personality of the couple.  

Traditionally, the ketubah is signed by the couple, their rabbi/officiant and a few witnesses before the wedding.  The Foundation Covenant and Quaker Marriage Certificate are signed by the couple and their officiant during the ceremony, and by their guests witnessing the covenant, after the ceremony.  I love that this can substitute as a guest book.   More

Marc and Joey at the Mondrian Hotel

Loving these photos from Marc and Joey's wedding at the Penthouse at the Mondrian Hotel in SoHo from the awesome Kelly Guenther Studio More