Michael and Greg's Wedding at 632 on Hudson

Michael and Greg are two very fun and whimsical guys with a passion for food. When they came to us, we immediately established that fine dining was going to be a focal point for their wedding. We scoured New York City for the perfect space, the incomparable townhouse, 632 on Hudson.

The space is itself whimsical and very fascinating, full of rooms just inviting you to explore and look around at the antiques from around the world. We decided to use the space as inspiration and set the theme as "Sophisticated Fun House." This meant bringing in wonderful entertainment such as a emcee, a DJ dressed as a carnival barker, a girl offering absinthe cotton candy - and a fortune teller! 

The foundation of the design were vintage carnival-esque graphics. Food also played a major role, as the guests were treated to a 5 course tasting menu with pairings.

After the wedding Michael and Greg said: "Thanks again for everything.  Our guests are RAVING about our wedding.  It was really special for both of us and was the happiest day of our lives.  Best of luck to you as wedding season goes into full swing." 

Enjoy the photos below from their spectacular wedding at 632 on Hudson in New York City.  Photos and Video by Kelly Guenther Studio